Hello, I'm Kelly...

Dogs have been an important part of my life since early childhood. I grew up with a Labrador called Tess and a Shih Tzu called George. This experience gave me a love for dogs and instilled in me a desire to turn that passion into a fulfilling career. 

While pursuing a professional career in canine care and training,

I have received a great deal of personal satisfaction from rescuing several dogs from challenging situations. These wonderful dogs have become part of our family and share in our daily adventures. I have a Jack Russell called Harley, a Jack Russell cross called Sadie and my newest addition is a Chihuahua called Obi.

I enjoy competing in agility as a hobby. Harley retired from the sport in 2018 and I am now currently training a Border Collie called Storm and a Poodle cross called Lenka. I hope to start competing with them this summer. 


- City & Guilds Dog Care & Welfare

- Qualified Guide Dog Trainer

- Agility Instructor

- Educating Animals - chicken clicker      training. 


I began my career working at a Kennel Club registered Labrador breeders and boarding kennels. 

I enjoyed this role for eight years before moving on to take a position with the  Guide Dogs for the Blind Association in 2008. I began in general canine care and then, in 2011, moved to specialise in dog training. 

I have attended many courses and seminars that focused  on understanding dog behaviour and delivering effective training through positive reinforcement. 


I hold appropriate liability insurance to cover my professional activities. Proof of insurance can be provided upon request.